The Pinduino Project


The Pinduino project is a simplified control system for building your own pinball machine using the popular Arduino system.

  • 64 switch inputs
  • 64 lamp outputs
  • 16 to 32 solenoid outputs
  • 5 to 10 general illumination outputs
  • 2 to 5 flipper outputs
  • 4 seven digit score displays
  • 1 credit/ball count displays
  • Sound card for playing WAV files
  • Must be simple to program new games

This is a dream that I have been working towards since 2012. After spending the weekend at the Allentown pinball show I decided to begin designing the initial prototype.

Initial Prototype

Over the years I would work a little at a time on the project only to be interrupted by something more important. I have finally found the time to complete it and have been progressing with leaps and bounds. Currently the project is 80% complete with 64 switch inputs, 64 lamp outputs, 16 solenoid outputs, 5 general illumination outputs, and 2 flipper outputs. The system also has an I/O Expansion port to add an additional 16 solenoid outputs and flipper outputs.

New Boards

You can follow and contribute to the project on GitHub.